Although the diet is considered as a restrictive nutrition list in our society, it is actually a program that aims to ensure that the person eats in a healthy and regular manner. The aim is to make the person develop life-long healthy habits. A healthy diet and an active lifestyle protect people from many chronic diseases and improve their quality of life.

In our clinic, these are the dietician services we provide to our patients;

  • Nutrition education and follow-up during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Nutrition programs in chronic diseases
  • Weight gain/loss programs
  • Vegetarian nutrition programs
  • Nutrition in food intolerance
  • Nutrition education and follow-up in children and adolescents

First, a professional and detailed body analysis is taken from our clients with the help of a measuring device. Then, after the patient’s history of illness, drug/vitamin use status and nutritional history are recorded, a completely individual nutrition program is created. The program continues on a monthly basis until the mutually determined targets are reached. The one-month program consists of 4 meetings.