Our Values

  1. Rationality and Science: Never deviate from the path illuminated by reason and science.
  2. Creating a Democratic Working Environment: Establishing a working environment that will enable everyone to express their ideas about the general structure and their field constructively.
  3. Respecting Human Rights: Respecting the innate rights of every human being, regardless of his/her religion, language, race, nationality, gender and sexual orientation, not only in its staff, but also in its patients, in partner companies with which it develops business, and in doctors.
  4. Making Constructive Criticism: To lead to development in a way that contributes to the corporate culture and matches personal and corporate values in every criticism.
  5. Caring About the Development of Colleagues: To provide all kinds of training and development opportunities for the development of colleagues.
  6. Caring about the Happiness of Colleagues: To make the management, the managerial approach, the individual initiative mentality and the whole crew responsible for ensuring each other’s happiness throughout the entire work structure.
  7. Medical Vision: To take steps to ensure that every medical unit working within our institution develops and renews itself continuously, and to have a medical vision that follows and implements all the developments and innovations in the world in terms of the service (treatments) provided.
  8. Patient Satisfaction: Keeping patient satisfaction always a priority.
  9. High Quality Treatment/Service: To always provide high quality treatment/service with its medical and social dimensions.
  10. Reliability: To maintain reliability at all times. Trust is hard to build, easy to break.
  11. Motivation: Establishing a structure that will enable everyone to start the new day in a motivated way, and behaving in a way that contributes to his/her motivation first and then to the motivation of all other colleagues.
  12. Tolerance and Sharing: To spend the daily work time in a way that includes everyone, respectful to each other, tolerant and sharing (not excluding anyone).
  13. Responsiveness: To make everyone in the workplace always sensitive to each other, to all other people, to humanity and to nature, in order to ensure that all the values stated till this point are realized as action.