Hair Transplantation

What is Hair Transplantation?

The process of transferring hair follicles taken from regions with different genetic characteristics, such as the nape and the sides of the head, to the balding regions is called “HAIR TRANSPLANTATION”. The hair in these regions (the regions where the donor hair is located) is genetically coded not to fall out by its nature. For this reason, they do not fall out when they are planted in another region.

Is it possible to treat the problem of baldness other than hair transplantation?

If baldness develops due to genetic factors, there is no solution other than hair transplantation. Unfounded methods such as medicinal plants, various herbs, and baldness vaccine should never be trusted. These will not be a solution to the problem of baldness and may harm health.

By whom should hair transplantation be done?

According to the regulation of the Ministry of Health, it should be performed by health personnel accompanied by dermatology specialist, plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist and physicians with Medical Aesthetics Certificate. In order to avoid the appearance of “GRASS MAN” and serious health problems after the procedure, the command of the team performing the operation on the stages of hair transplantation, care and knowledge in the application and experience, more specifically, experience in obtaining a natural appearance are of great importance. Examples such as the direction of the transplanted hair, the correct evaluation of the hairline and the indentation on the forehead clearly show why experience is important.

Where should hair transplantation be done?

According to the regulation of the Ministry of Health, it is a surgical procedure that should be performed in hospitals, medical centers and polyclinics, which have a hair transplant unit and the above-mentioned physicians that have established the legal conditions specified in the regulation. Hair transplantation is not legal anywhere other than those places, and people who attempt to do this illegally should not be trusted.

Who is suitable for hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is often performed in people who experience male pattern hair loss. In patients with scars due to accident or burn on the scalp, transplantation can be performed after the doctor checks whether there is circulation in that area. However, the success rate is lower than people with male pattern hair loss.

What is the success rate of hair transplantation in women?

It is possible to stop the shedding of thinned hair in women, after some examinations requested by the doctor, to increase its quality and to ensure the growth of new hair. Since hair transplantation in female patients is 50% less successful than in male patients, efficient results can be obtained with the treatment methods given by the doctor.

What is the best technique for hair transplantation?

In general, the FUE (follicular unit extraction) technique is a basic technique. In the FUE method, individual hair follicles are taken from the back of the head with the help of some tools. There is no incision in the area taken. Afterwards, small holes are drilled in the area to be transplanted with the help of instruments and the prepared follicular units are planted there. Grafts containing 1 and 2 hairs are placed on the front line of the hairline, and grafts containing multiple hairs are placed on the back. In order to obtain a natural appearance and not to damage the donor hair during transplantation, great attention should be paid to the method of transplantation and the equipment used.