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Dermatological Skin Care

Dermatolojik Cilt Bakımı
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Dermatological skin care is a hydradermabrasion method that combines cleansing, peeling, moisturizing and protection with antioxidants.

Dermapen Application

Chemical Peeling

Dermapen Application is a micro-needling procedure that helps reduce aging, stretch marks, acne scars and fine lines, and tightens pores. It gets its name from its resemblance to a pen. At the same time, this treatment is also called “dermapen micro needling”. The procedure is based on the principle of natural self-healing by stimulating the upper layer of the skin with micro-needling to initiate and support skin healing.

Chemical Peeling is a procedure performed to purify the skin from dead cells. It is applied with the aim of reducing spots (sun spots, aging, post-pregnancy, etc.), wrinkles, acne and acne scars and porous appearance, improving the moisture and oil balance of the skin, and giving the skin a younger, healthy, bright and smooth appearance.

Regional Thinning


D-finitive Evo is a platform designed to allow body therapy applications to be performed as a whole, with non-invasive, painless, comfortable and successful results in regional thinning and shaping.


BodySculptor is a healthy slimming device and its performance is the result of micro pressure created by the patented Biostimology® technology it uses. In addition to the effectiveness it shows with 2 overalls and 4 inductive straps covering the whole body; It gives a feeling of comfort and a slight warmth. Holistic and painless thinning is provided touch-free and non-invasive (non-surgical).


The G5 Massage Application is a regional thinning technique performed with rhythmic vibrating movements using a device named after it. G5 application, which helps local tightening, is an effective method in reducing cellulite that cannot be eliminated with a balanced diet and sports, as well as regional slimming. This application, which accelerates fat burning, is also effective in regulating regional circulation, accelerating metabolism and providing blood circulation.


Laser Epilation

A laser beam is an independent beam of light with a specific wavelength and traveling in the same direction. This light beam is dropped on the skin by means of laser devices. Then, the heat energy is released that mainly affects the hair.

Carbon Peeling

Carbon peeling application plays an active role in reducing skin blemishes, fine lines, porous appearance, acne and acne scars. It tightens the skin. More successful results are obtained when applied in combination with dermatological skin care.