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Alexandrıte Laser

Golden Needle Radıo-Frequency

Red Touch Laser

Fractional laser is an effective laser system used in the treatment of acne and other scars, skin rejuvenation and cracks. It is preferred among other methods due to its low side effects and short recovery time. Thanks to the fractional CO2 laser, it can be safely applied to much deeper tissues with a wavelength of 10650 nm. The laser process takes an average of 10-15 minutes for the entire face.

It is frequently used to increase collagen in the skin and to reduce pores and skin blemishes. In addition to these, it is a type of laser used for removing unwanted tattoos and permanent make-up. Although the sessions vary from person to person, they take 3-10 sessions at 3-4 week intervals.

It is an FDA-approved device, which provides fast and effective results in melasma (pregnancy spot), solar-lentigo (age spot), fine wrinkles, scar treatment and anti-aging applications. It applies a wavelength of 1927 nm. It provides a significantly faster recovery compared to CO2 and erbium laser. The results are much more effective with the use of an active substance containing resveratrol, retinol, vitamin C and tranexemic acid produced in nano-molecular structure.

The Alexandrite Laser device applies a wavelength of 755 nanometers. It has a cooling system that reduces the feeling of pain to almost non-existent. The laser light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair structure, targets the hair root and melanin in milliseconds in each application. For successful results, it can only be used on light skin tone and dark hair due to its technical features.

Golden needle is a skin rejuvenation application. It is used to reduce the appearance of deformations on the skin caused by aging and environmental factors, burns, acne and other scars, cracks and fine wrinkles due to weight gain and/or pregnancy. It helps the skin to look more lively, bright and youthful. Natural collagen production is stimulated.

The number of sessions is decided by the physician performing the procedure by looking at the condition of the skin and the area to be treated.

The most important feature of the Red Touch system is that it targets optimum collagen stimulation with a new wavelength. The wavelength used in the system affects only collagen fibers. Red Touch technology is the first and only system that uses a wavelength of 675 nm and is designed only to stimulate collagen fibers. The procedure takes an average of 20-30 minutes.